Денис Куцевалов

Lead Product Designer (VP) У DBS Bank Singapore


  • Захоплююсь створенням великих продуктів з нуля, вирішую складні UX-проблеми за допомогою 4D дизайн-процесу й аналітики у сферах фінтех, банкінгу, тревел та е-комерс;
  • Маю досвід будування дизайн команд;
  • Та експертизу із пошуку роботи в Сінгапурі.


Product design, UI/UX, Data analytics, Team management, Hiring, Relocation to Asia


DBS Bank
Lead Product Designer VP
Jul 2021 — Present (1 рік)
Lead Product Designer AVP
Aug 2019 — Jul 2021 (2 роки)

Sep 2018 — Present (3 роки 10 місяців)

Plus65 Interactive Pte Ltd
UI/UX Lead of 5 designers
Feb 2017 — Aug 2018 (1 рік 7 місяців)

  • Redesigned brand and agency website, which allowed Plus65 to stay in line with Singapore's leading digital agencies, and made the agency more attractive for the candidates and the clients.
  • Conducted dozens of interviews and created a team of 5 talented designers, which is actually not an easy task in the city of merlions.
  • Introduced the standards that improved a teamwork quality and results. For example, as a combination of convenience and aesthetic appeal of the interface, constant focus on users, attention to details, design system scalability, respect for developers, compelling presentation, perfect communication and copyright compliance.
  • Made communication between designers, front-end developers, managers, and clients more efficient, by hooking everyone to a single Invision Enterprise platform, instead of using three separate software solutions.
  • Improved the relationships between designers and front-end developers by introducing the system design. This allowed the team not to panic when the client changes the requirements, because all the main components are ready, they only need to put them together as the Lego.
  • Developed a culture of knowledge sharing among designers with weekly informal meetings with coffee, presentations, and music.
  • Designed the website and mobile applications of the Zazz Hotels and Resorts hotel chain, which includes two boutique hotels in Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City, and one resort on the Maldives. Challenge was to combine three hotels of different styles with the same Zazz values into one site, and to understand the operational processes of hotels.
  • Designed a non-boring corporate identity and website for the new cryptocurrency DGCoin. Managed the design process of a useful DGpay application for money transfer between Southeast Asian countries. (https://zazz-hotels.com/) (https://plus65.com.sg/home)

Voilaah Design Studio
UI/UX Design Lead
Oct 2015 — Feb 2017 (1 рік 5 місяців)
- Improved the design process, added a prototyping step using Invision. That improved the presentation of the design and made communication with the client more effective.
- Won 3 tenders and held presentations for clients such as Thomson Medical Clinic, Monetary Authority of Singapore, SmartbuildAsia and Wootag.
- Improved communication and cooperation between designers and front-end developers by introducing design systems based on Atomic Design principles.
- Mentored interns and shared experience and passion for design with them.
- Designed a lot of responsive interfaces for the guys from Wootag, who created the technology of interactive videos in which you can buy goods, tickets or services while watching a video.
- Developed a website design for the well-known Singapore Thomson Medical Clinic. The project was exciting and challenging at the same time. We had to pass through dozens of meetings to align the style and approve the complex information structure of the project.

UI/UX Team Lead
Jan 2009 — Sep 2012 (3 роки 9 місяців)
- Designed a bold brand style and studio website together with its founder, having complete freedom of creativity.
- Was an insanely effective and enthusiastic team member and designed 73 projects during the period of 2 years. More than half of these projects were designed from scratch, not using templates, but with their own unique history.
- Worked closely with front-end and back-end developers to create technologically complex sites at that time.
- Presented more than 60 design concepts, and more than 40 were approved.

«DonCityPost» magazine
Senior Visual Designer
Oct 2011 — Jan 2012 (4 місяці)
- Designed a visual style of the magazine
- Published 4 quarterly issues.

Basketball Club «Donetsk»
Senior Visual Designer
Sep 2009 — Dec 2009 (4 місяці)
- Designed and done a prepress preparation for countless promotional materials during the 2009-2010 game season.
- Redesigned an outdated website.

Журнал «Статус. Экономические известия»
Art Editor
Jun 2005 — Jun 2009 (4 роки 1 місяць)
- Grew up to the position of art editor from the regular ad block designer.
- Designed cover concepts for a weekly magazine, one of which, the “middle finger fork” was used in the national promotional campaign and was printed on the hundreds of billboards.
- Led a team of 3 designers and worked closely with the publishing editor and journalists.
- Prepared a 60-pages magazine and a 100-pages catalog for publishing every week.
- Was engaged into reportage and object photo shooting.


Donetsk State University of Management
Master's degree, Finance/Accountancy/Banking

Donetsk Technical School of Automatic Manufacture
Specialist, Exploitation of Automatic Systems


Робота дизайнером в Азії – Денис Куцевалов, Lead Product Designer, DBS Bank Singapore
2022 — Kyiv UX Design Community

Нинішня посада: Lead Product Designer (VP)
Компанія: DBS Bank Singapore

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