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Founder and CEO у Belkins and Folderly


Генеральний директор та співзасновник компанії Belkins — міжнародна маркетингова агенція, що займається повним циклом продажу для розвитку бізнесу, включно з лідогенерацією, роботою з B2B-продажем, розвитком бренду.


Start-Up, Team Leadership, Project Management, Digital Marketing, Lead Generation, Market Research, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Brand Marketing, Advertising, Event Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Public Relations.


Founder and CEO
Січень 2018 - Present (4 роки 8 місяців)

Belkins is the most in-depth way to accelerate outbound sales. We provide
with door-to-door sales team
and resources who acquire target prospects, design account-based sales
campaigns and convert prospects into qualified sales appointments. We
deliver a predictive sales funnel solution that is supported by detailed
campaign statistics.

Founder and CEO
Травень 2019 - Present (3 роки 4 місяці)
All-in-one platform for domain audit, email deliverability monitoring, and spam
testing. Our goal is to help marketers accelerate their sales by helping them
send emails that drive revenue
Make the inbox your only destination folder.

InSoft Partners
Серпень 2019 - Present (3 роки 1 місяць)
InSoft Partners specializes in businesses and projects in the IT field. We enter
into a share of the business, then get involved in its operations, contributing
to exponential growth (through lead generation, optimization of business
processes, strengthening, and training of the team) as well as assist with M&A
deals if necessary.

Winc Wines
Жовтень 2020 - Present (1 рік 11 місяців)
Winc is the first customized, subscription-based site for wine.
They are an online community of wine enthusiasts committed to taking the
hassle, guesswork, and pretentiousness out of enjoying a great bottle of wine
at a reasonable price. For far too long buying wine has been a one-way street
with experts using overblown wine jargon to tell people what to drink.
Their mission is to transform choosing wine into an ongoing conversation
between their curators and users personal tastes. Wine is not about being told
what to drink, it’s about the experience of discovering what you like. It’s time
for choosing and buying wine to catch up with the simple, personal pleasure of
drinking it.

IO Technologies
Chief Data Officer & Sales Support
Жовтень 2015 - Вересень 2017 (2 роки)
- Team-leader ( 20 employees )
- Analytics
- Data, Big Data
- Business process automation. (BPA)
- Procuring technical documentation
- Database Mining
- Search direct contact with customers.
- Replenish the contacts database of the company.
- Creating outreach strategy
In charge of overseeing Data department. Develop the new data analytics
capabilities across the business and manage on-going comprehensive data
Drive all analytics and business intelligence initiatives in the Data and
Analytics department. Define appropriate analytical models necessary to
support use cases such as customer segmentation, among others and
leverages the power of predictive insights and analytics.
Define and oversees how the business captures, maintains and applies data
and information in order to support of key business processes. Establish the
strategic direction for building the business’s data management program and
optimizing how the business uses data both internally and externally.

Вересень 2015 - Жовтень 2015 (2 міясці)

Identify new sales leads through all available sources
Find direct emails and phone numbers through a variety of search tools
(Google, LinkedIn, etc.)
CRM control
Research leads to better understand their needs and help formulate an
outreach strategy

Lead Up Company
2015 - Грудень 2015 (менше року)
LeadUp - Founded in 2015. We are a project in areas of lead-generation,
Intelligence sales and Business Analytics.(BA)
- Making high-level decisions about policy and strategy.
- Successful execution and delivery of projects on time and within the allocated
- Setting goals.
- Building alliances and partnerships with other organisations. Collaborate with
big e-commerce marketplaces, business analysts and team leads.
- Planning and development ad campaigns in different advertising channels
- paid search (Google AdWords, Direct.Yandex), SMM (FB, VK,Linkedin ),
direct-mail, email triggers and other
- Develop an organizational environment that promotes positive staff morale
and performance.
- Evaluating the success of the organization.
- Developing and implementing operational policies.
- Recruiting new staff members
- A high level of commercial acumen.
- Giving a clear sense of purpose to a company and its employees.
- Communicating clearly.


International Scientific and Technical University of Academician Yuri Bugay
Bachelor's degree, Radio Electronic Devices (RED)

Kyiv College of Electronic Devices
Specialist, Design, manufacturing and maintenance of radio and computer equipment

Нинішня посада: Founder
Компанія: Belkins

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