Maria Manoylo

HumanScript developer at Hillel IT School; MarfaLab

About me

I'm a soft skills trainer with over 11 years of experience in development. Over this time I've progressed from a trainee C# developer to a frontend team lead. The biggest leaps in my career, I attribute primarily to working on soft skills.

I know what is weak soft skills and how this affects career from my own experience and that of my colleagues and subordinates. So I devoted a lot of time to studying the topic and practicing it.

Also, I'm an introvert and I know how hard communication could be.

Currently I conduct career consultations, mentor frontend beginners, conduct soft skills webinars and trainings. Also, I teach the Frontend Pro course at Hillel IT School and develop and conduct lessons on soft skills in various groups (PM, Marketing, Cybersecurity, Design, Development).

My superpower is a combination of strong analytical skills, the ability to break things down systematically, a drive to get to the rootcause of issues, and a keen observant eye that allows me to see more.

  • Raised 8 junior and 6 middle developers, and 1 team leader
  • Consulted 8 beginners
  • Mentored 6 frontend beginners
  • Conducted 50 technical interviews
  • Conducted 15 webinars on soft skills topics:
    • conflict solving
    • communication difficulties
    • soft skills fundamentals
    • soft skills on the way to IT job and beyond

Main Expertise

  • Frontend (HTML/CSS/JS, React, Redux, SASS, Node.js, Firebase, Webpack, Git)
  • Team management
  • Soft skills development
  • IT career troubleshooting
    • for beginners – can't choose an IT direction, procrastination in learning, doubts and fears, lack of confidence, no response after sending CV, can't pass an interview, etc
    • for specialists – no idea how to grow, conflicts, impostor syndrome, burnout, etc
    • for team leaders – difficult to keep up with both team management and development responsibilities, impostor syndrome, hard deadlines, burnout, problematic subordinate, etc



Mar 2023 – Present

MarfaLab is a project aimed at spreading knowledge in the field of soft skills for IT. I provide consultations on soft skills, frontend, job search, help with non-technical work-related issues, participate in mentoring programs, conduct soft skills webinars, and manage an Instagram page.

Women in engineering [WINE]
Sep 2023 – Feb 2024

  • Frontend mentor
  • Career counselor

Hillel IT School
Dec 2022 – Present

  • Lecturer, Soft skills lessons
    Tasks: develop, prepare and conduct the lessons

  • Teacher, Frontend Pro course
    Tasks: prepare and conduct the lessons, check home works, answer the questions
    Technologies: Javascript, React, Redux, Testing, HTML, CSS, NodeJS, Fastify, Webpack, Git

AMC Bridge
Nov 2012 – May 2022

  • Frontend team leader + Frontend developer, PLM project for construction companies – web
    Tasks: customer and team communication, meetings, solving non-technical issues, develop a strategy to fight tech debt, 1-to-1 meetings with subordinates, weekly reports, interviews, conduct demos, estimates, deployment, priorityze the tasks and distribute them within the team, specify the task requirements of the customer, implement features, fix bugs
    Technologies: Javascript, Typescript, React, Mobx, GraphQL, HTML, SASS, CSS, C#, Firebase, MongoDB, Webpack, Git

  • Fullstack developer, 3D viewer – web, add-in for CAD
    Tasks: team communication, daily meetings, complex feature and new functionality implementation, fix bugs
    Technologies: JavaScript, Angular, Redux, Three.js, WebSockets, Node.js, MongoDB, HTML, Less.js, CSS, Grunt, C# WPF, CAD API, Git

  • Team leader, Bunch of projects – integrational add-ins for CAD
    Tasks: top management and team communication, weekly reports, estimates and sprint planning, publication in app store, distribution of tasks within the team,

  • Fullstack developer, The app for visual programming – desktop and web
    Tasks: team communication, daily meetings, feature implementation, fix bugs
    Technologies: C#, WPF, WebSockets, LINQ, JavaScript, Node.js, Three.js, Backbone.js, jQuery, MongoDB, TypeScript, Grunt, HTML, CSS, NUnit, Git

  • Fullstack developer, Time tracking system – web
    Tasks: largely expand the site with new functionality, fix bugs, deployment
    Technologies: C#, ASP.NET, SQL, ADO.NET, LINQ, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, SVN

  • Trainee C# developer, About dialog – desktop app
    Tasks: implementing the dialog window, make it customizible, add a licensing feature
    Technologies: C#, WPF, managed C++, SVN

Boston UniSoft Technologies
Feb 2012 – Aug 2012

  • Trainee C# developer, “UniTrader” – desktop Tasks: fixing bugs, implementing small features Technologies: C#, ADO.NET Entity framework, WCF, SQL, LINQ, SVN, Git

Short-term projects

  • Fullstack developer, Educational project – web (Jan 2023 – Apr 2023)
    Tasks: create an architecture, develop a design, implement quizes, market research
    Technologies: Figma, Javascript, React, HTML, SASS, CSS, NodeJS, Fastify, Webpack, Git

  • Frontend developer, personal website for a designer – web (Jul 2022 – Oct 2022)
    Tasks: create an architecture, adapt the design from CV to website, implement the whole site, deploy
    Technologies: Javascript, React, HTML, SASS, CSS, IntersectionObserver, Firebase, Webpack, Git


Dnipropetrovsk National University
The faculty of Applied Mathematics, 2009 – 2015


  • Design of presentations, Shevchuk Buro (Oct 2022 – Jan 2023)
  • Emotional Intelligence, Gandapas school (Sep 2020)
  • Business emailing, Savvy school (May 2018)
Current Role: HumanScript developer (career counselor, soft skills trainer, frontend teacher, frontend mentor)
Company: Hillel IT School; MarfaLab

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